Striped brown bugs on parsley

Zach's writing ranges from matters of gardening, cooking, aquariums, and fish to more niche topics like coin collecting. Steeped with a rich culinary history, parsley was once believed to by grown only by witches and pregnant women. Now that it is cultivated throughout the world by both men and women, the old myths of European folklore seem downright hilarious. Regardless of its history, one aspect that all gardeners face with parsley is the pests. Surprisingly, there are quite a number of them that can inflict serious damage and even destroy entire crops.
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How to Identify and Control Common Plant Pests

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Identify the pest

When you're in the garden picking homegrown produce and find telltale bite marks on your plants, chances are you have insect pests. Knowing what you're dealing with when it comes to insects allows you to choose just the right treatment for getting rid of those uninvited dinner guests. Here's everything you need to know about the most common troublemakers so you can sleuth to successfully pinpoint and treat your insect pest problem. Some of these pests target either edible or ornamental crops, while others damage both. Several species of this sap-sucking, winged pest exist. You'll find aphids in green, black, yellow or red.
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The 10 Most Destructive Garden Insects and How to Get Rid of Them

No gardener wants to see insects wreaking havoc on a bed full of ripening produce. Luckily, it's possible to keep unwelcome visitors away. Since some pesticides can hurt the beneficial bugs that actually help your plants, try these easy control measures first before resorting to the strong stuff.
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They defend colonies of these insects; move them from plant to plant and use the honeydew these insects secrete as a food source. Gardeners in the tropics often tolerate colonies of green ants in trees because they defend their nests so fiercely, they rid trees of beetles, caterpillars and other pests. General strategies for ant control include applying horticultural glue around the base of infested trees followed by spraying the tops of trees with an oil spray to control aphids, scale, mealy bugs.
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